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Kasparov Chess

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Maastricht 2002

10th World Computer
Chess Championchip
Maastricht 2002

July 5-11 2002

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Leiden 2002
7th Computer Olympiad
Leiden 2001
Leiden 2002
18th WMCC 2001

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Kasparov Chess
The World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC) will be a Swiss system event with
9 rounds in which the rate of play will be 60 moves in 2 hours followed by the
rest of the game in 30 minutes.

WCCC-2002 Participants

  Program Author Country Hardware
1. Deep Junior Maastricht Amir Ban,
Shay Bushinsky
Israel Dual Pentium-IV 2,2GHz
PIII-1GHz (since ParSOS; Round 5)
2. Shredder Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
Sandro Necchi (opening book)
Germany Dual Athlon MP2100+
3. Brutus V099.007 Chrilly Donninger
A. Kure
Germany Xilinx Virtix FPGA and Athlon 1GHz
4. Quest Frans Morsch
Mathias Feist
Dual Athlon MP2100+
5. Diep Vincent Diepeveen Netherlands Teras (60 processors 500MHz)
6. Warp Peter McKenzie New Zealand Pentium IV 1,7GHz, 256Mb
7. IsiChess X Gerd Isenberg Germany Athlon 2,1 GHz
8. Ikarus M. Kolss Germany Athlon 2000+
9. ParSOS Rudolf Huber Germany Dual Pentium III 1GHz
10. Chinito 2.1 Pascal Tang
Eugenio Castillo
Pentium IV 1,7GHz
11. Goliath Michael Borgstaedt Germany Athlon XP 1500
12. Sjeng 12.14 G-C. Pascutto Belgium Athlon XP 1800
13. XiniX T. Werten Netherlands Athlon 2000+
14. Insomniac J. Robertson USA Athlon 2,1GHz
15. SpiderChess Martin Giepmans Netherlands Athlon XP 2000
16. PostModernist Andrew Williams England Pentium IV 1,7GHz, 256Mb
17. NoonianChess C. Roberson USA Pentium IV 2GHz
18. Sharky J. Kominek USA Pentium III 500MHz
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